We make miniature replicas of your  buildings. Collectable closing gifts for real estate deals and more!



“3D Printed Concepts has been creating the coolest little 3D models for us to give to our investors whenever they invest in a property with us. The team does an excellent job of working out the exact proportions, colors and design so that the little buildings feel exactly like toy versions of the real thing.” Levi from Harbor Capital

*** A special thank you to Levi who came up with this idea for making these models! Thanks Levi – much appreciated!! ***+

About Us

It's hard to find unique items that people cannot simply purchase themselves at a store.


We create custom closing gifts for real estate brokers, builders, and more by digitally modeling and 3D printing buildings.


We can create digital models from simple "back of the napkin" sketches, digital renderings, photos of buildings, or simply a property address (to look up on Google).


Once digital models are complete, we print identical high precision replicas using the latest multi-material printing technology.


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